Aquarium/Pond UV Sterilizer Use Diagrams/Graphs

UV Sterilization Diagrams

This article/post is for diagrams/graphs to further explain How UV-C Sterilization works in aquariums and ponds.
Diagrams for installation and resources for further information are also provided.

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Aquarium or Pond UV-C Sterilization; Sterilizer Use Information
UVC radiation, UV Sterilization UVC and light wave lengths

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Micro Organism UV Dose Chart
As rated in uWs/cm2

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Please note that for algae that the amount of UVC radiation to kill is higher than to "clump" algae for removal by filter. The light blue indicates kill while the dark blue indicates "clumping", which in my tests is often even lower than the graph indicates (often as low as 5000 uWs/cm2)

Synchrotron Radiation Spectrum

From: What is Synchrotron Radiation?

UV lamp Germicidal effectivenessClick to enlarge
UVC lamp germicidal effectiveness, low, medium pressure

UV Installations
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Aquarium UV Sterilizer Diagrams, Two Sterilizers in water flow pattern

The picture above displays the use of two high dwell time UVs such as the professional Vecton 6 25 watt UV Sterilizers. Tests have proven that two of these in a pattern as shown installed on a large aquarium will out perform one single high dwell time 50 watt Emperor UV Sterilizer.
Picture Courtesy: UV Sterilizer Use; Examples

Aquarium Sump, UV installation, high flow pump
This is a recommended method of installing a UV Sterilizer in conjunction with a high flow rate pump which exceeds the recommended 20-30 gph per watt for a UV Sterilizer to be effective.

This diagram displays the correct flow pattern for an external UV Sterilizer plumbed to an aquarium with an added internal circulation water pump added as well.

UV Sterilizer with canister filter This application show a UV Sterilizer in line with a Canister Filter (Via Aqua, Eheim, Fluval, Filstar, etc.). This does NOT have to connect through the bottom of the aquarium, this is only a method I have used for ease of service and aesthetics. The canister filter/UV Sterilizer can be connected in more traditional methods as well such as over the back with hoses/connections that are provided with the canister filter.

For more Marine Aquarium Information, please visit this URL: AQUARIUM SALTWATER BASICS

Pond UV Installation diagram For most pond applications the UV Sterilizer will need to be on a bypass for a proper flow rate unless used in a pond with a small water pump. This diagram shows to pond installation ideas.

This diagram shows a pond UV Clarifier connection using the bypass.diverter valve common to many fountains and simple aquarium filters.
The Filter pictured here is a Via Aqua BH-2000AD; Small Pond Pump/Filter, although many other pond filters such as the Supreme Pond Master 1000 can be adapted this way as well.

Aquarium UV installation diagram with Internal Filter or Power head
Here is a diagram using an internal filter or power head to install a 5 Watt UV Sterilizer (such as the Terminator, Tetra, etc.).
This diagram shows the application on the front of the aquarium for better viewing, however you would add this to the back of the tank for a normal application.

Bio Cube Aquarium with UV Sterilizer A similar application to the above shows a 5 or 9 Watt UV Sterilizer connected to the back of a Bio Cube Aquarium using the water pump that is sold with this aquarium

For more pond UV installation information as well as excellent general pond information, please visit this URL: A Clear Pond; Pond Information

Many of these diagrams are courtesy of:
UV Sterilizer Use

The above article is something ANY SERIOUS AQUARIUM OR POND KEEPER SHOULD READ if looking to move past just the basic understandings of their hobby as well as past all the anecdotal bull about the use of UV Sterilizers, especially with the many cheap UVs now flooding the market from eBay, Amazon, & others that are essentially nothing more than toys!!!

Beware too of the misinformation many forums spew forth, often based on improper use or the use of one of these poor quality UV Sterilizers that Google's poor algorithm brings up.
Using a junk UV and then making statements that UVs do not work is akin to purchasing a broken down Ford Pinto and then complaining that all cars are junk after the Pinto constantly breaks down.


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Ultraviolet lights for ponds burn out the algae, so it is important in every pond as well as the water pump.

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